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Derya Engin

Derya Engin has been actively viewing wedding stories since 2007. After her undergraduate education at Marmara University, she participated in workshops on documentary wedding photography in Turkey and abroad.

Derya Engin aims to reflect each wedding in her photographs in a unique and unique atmosphere. Success does not only come from photographing ordinary moments on the wedding day; He argues that he comes with frames that evoke a story and an emotion when looking at the photographs. Enjoys producing timeless and extraordinary frames.

The world's most prestigious documentary wedding photographer with the troops to wpja have demonstrated the success of adoption is one of four photographers from Turkey.

Documentary wedding wedding stories over the past years Bride's,

Martha Steward Weddings,

Cosmopolitan Bride

Published in magazines.

Derya Engin continues to shoot as the main photographer of a team of 6, traveling to document destination weddings around the world.

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