10 tips for great wedding photos

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You've set your wedding date: Congratulations!

Now, you are standing at the beginning of a long road from choosing your wedding venue to concept, from bridal dress model to choosing your wedding photographer. The section that we will examine in this article - if we take into account that the author is a wedding photographer;) - of course the last point.

1 - Choose the photo style you like.

It would not be wrong to say that this is the first and most important item. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of different approaches, as well as different photography and video shooting techniques. In our country, when it comes to "wedding photography", 2 main groups emerge:

Documentary photo shoot on wedding day; This type of shootings starts with the bride and groom's preparations on the wedding day and usually ends at the end of the wedding. Under these circumstances, you will see more of your wedding photographer than the bride / groom - so your choice of photographer is critical. In these shots, which are named in many ways such as wedding day story, wedding day documentary, you live your wedding day as it is without posing for the photographer and your photographer takes these moments in a natural way. Of course, a couple of shooting (exterior shooting) for 1-2 hours is also done at a specified time during the day. The wedding story is divided into 3 main groups: documentary, classic and artistic. For detailed information about these groups, you can go to our blog post: Link

Wedding exterior shooting: This is an average of 2-3 hours of shooting performed with bridal gowns and grooms at one or several locations you have determined with your photographer, both on the wedding day and outside the wedding day. The purpose of these shots is to photograph the couple in single or together posing. Lately, we have been doing outdoor shooting especially on weekdays, this has many advantages such as the fact that the places to be visited are calmer, and the correct use of the hours when the light is good.

There are some very good names that shoot in both of the aforementioned areas. In our country, couple shots / outdoor shots on wedding day / non-wedding day are much more common and are preferred more because they are more economical than the whole day shooting on the wedding day. Naturally, there are more photographers who offer this kind of service. Photographers documenting the wedding day story are a bit more limited. Especially if this is the kind you want, it is useful to act early. Or let's say the next item :)

2- The early bird takes the road.

Large photo studios have more than one photographer, but freelancer photographers who do this job boutique - most of the cake is in this section - can only serve 1 couple at the same time. For this reason, as soon as your date of marriage is known, the first thing you need to do is to arrange the wedding photographer and videographer. For example, we have to turn back many dates that are highly preferred every year. Be you, don't say we'll take care of this later.

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3 - Determine your budget.

When you start your wedding planning, the first thing to determine is the date and place of the wedding. Then comes the choice of bridal grooms and grooms. The budgets you allocate for the wedding venue and wedding dress actually determine the budget you need to spend on photos and videos. Actually; How much money you pay for your wedding dress is to allocate at least the amount you have allocated for the photo. Here, the prices vary from one thousand TL to 20 thousand TL, so at least it will give you an idea. If you only prefer a wedding and a wedding dress between 1000-2000 TL, it will not be difficult for you to have a photo and video budget of roughly this amount. But if your wedding is a dinner wedding in Polonezköy and you are going to show up with a wedding dress in the range of 8 thousand -10 thousand and you are looking for cheap photos, it means that you are not managing your wedding budget wisely. Because you need the quality and competence of the team that will photograph that magnificent wedding and wedding dress, and although you have money, you are not spending it in the right place.

4 - Sign a contract.

Due to the fierce competition in our country, sometimes the people you get service from may say "OK" to everything and bother you at the last minute just to get the job. (It happened to all of us. Isn't this very familiar?) If you clarify what, how and when you will deliver it with your photographer in order not to encounter any last minute surprises and you will be protected by the law. After all, you will entrust one of the most important days of your life to them.

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5 - Choose the right photographer for you.

Everyone's right to himself, right? There is no such thing as the best wedding photographer. My favorite color may be red while yours may be green. Wedding photographers also differ from red to green due to their character and shooting style. If the couple and the photographer do not fully understand each other, it may not be possible for you to feel comfortable with the result. Speaking the same language with the photographer you have chosen and even having a similar understanding of life will make your work easier. After all, you will see more of your photographers as bride and groom than each other. (This is the exact information;))

Budget is of course important, but your first criterion in choosing should be positive electricity and understanding each other.

6 - Examine your photographer's website and blog.


A new photographer emerges every day, especially in the lands of our country. As a result of the development and accessibility of digital technology, everyone who bought a good or bad machine and took 3-5 pairs of photos announced that they entered the wedding market by opening an Instagram account the next day. Here is a very fine line where couples separate amateur and professional photographers. It is the website and blog pages, which are a kind of showcase where the photographer presents all his works. It is not very difficult to capture 3-5 good photos out of hundreds, thousands of photos. But the important thing is how he manages a shot from start to finish, and for that, the blog page of the photographer you choose is of great importance. If there are not enough photos of different couples on the website, if the blog page is not full, you can request to see the shot with 1 couple from start to finish. In summary: What is it? Blog is important :)

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7 - Trust your photographer.

If you like his work, freeing your photographer to offer you the same quality of work will reduce the pressure on him and use his creativity more, and he already knows what, when and how to do it because he is the competent of his job :) "We start shooting around 5." I usually say, "What? Isn't it too late?" I get answers like "No, it's not :)" The most important reason for us to say this is that we photographers who use natural light move according to the sun. Because we know that the best pictures are only taken at certain times of the day - either very early in the morning or a few hours before sunset. When the sun is right overhead, it creates harsh shadows on the face and limits the range of shooting.

Trusting your photographer in these and similar points will help you get better results.

8 - Be comfortable while taking pictures.

It's an easy-to-say, difficult-to-apply substance, we know. But be sure, at the end of the day, you will like your natural frames more. So, to reflect the love between you, focus on each other, not the photographer. It is okay to behave as you please, we even support it to the end :)

9 - Get to know yourself, tell your photographer your good angles.

Almost everyone has an angle or posture in photographs that they like. You can work in the mirror before your wedding shoot, and you can tell your photographer which profile you like more. But don't focus too much on it and contract while shooting. Remember; Hundreds of photos will be taken that day, and at the end of the day, the most admired ones are usually the ones where couples release themselves and laugh and move as they wish.

10 - Enjoy your wedding day.

"What should we pay attention to on the wedding day / shooting day?" This is the first thing I say when they ask: Have fun at your own wedding. The rules of society we're in and the couple's "Will everything go well on the wedding day?" We've seen so many couples who forget to have fun because of their worries; don't be one of them. Let a smile appear on your face when you remember your wedding day. So, be yourself and have fun. That day is your day, do not let anything upset you. Of course, if you want us to document these moments, let's get in touch here :)

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