Choosing your wedding photographer

I define my work as "boutique". Shooting personally like a tailor-made dress is actually one of the most critical points of this work. Although it has been a very popular use in recent years, it is a very descriptive word boutique to eliminate the concept confusion. "On your wedding day, who wants to smile tightly at a stranger?" For this reason, partly due to the nature of documentary photography, I meet the people I will shoot weeks or even months ago. We stay in touch until the birthday / wedding day. Thus, I both get to know them and turn into a familiar face, a friend for them, which allows us to shoot comfortably and without straining for all of us. So we get natural squares.

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Since every individual's wishes and personality are different, not every shot is suitable for everyone. So here a little bit of human psychology comes into play. He is a good photographer who should be able to observe and follow the people well, and to be able to shoot with an artistic perspective in a moment-to-moment changing environment, especially in these shots, which are fast-moving and non-repetitive moments like a wedding. In other words, it is not just about “pressing a button” as you might think, but if you don't have a special passion and love for photography such as weddings, birthdays, special days etc. We see plenty of photographers around who take this kind of shoot, buy 3-5 accessories, then use these accessories in every shot, make everyone give the same pose. ”Come lady, grab this umbrella. The groom, the bride, hug the lady from the waist. " Turn right, turn left, temporarily tied to the auto-pilot, they take a wedding photo as if they were taking biometric photos.

That's why, on your wedding day, with the pose given to you by the photographer, bowing your head at an angle of 45 degrees and looking at the camera like little Emrah, "What did I do and get into this situation?" You can question yourself :)

Also, "Stop it!" There are photographers holding that. The camera he holds in his hand may be good, but how much the user has command of it is also important in this case. Normally, people who pose will start looking like dead fish after a while - which is very natural, how many seconds can you smile for no reason? The photographer should be aware of this situation, and take breaks to rest and rest. Of course, first of all, he must be serial and not keep the couple frozen for minutes. In such cases, it is an advantage that the photographer and the couple have met before.

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To avoid this situation:

- Make sure to request a meeting with your photographer before your shooting day.

- How many weddings / births etc. Find out what pulled. The more experienced he is in this job, the more rapid it is, the more commanding the job and the equipment he uses.

- Demand to see an example of a wedding, usually almost everyone catches 5-10 beautiful poses at a wedding. What matters is how you shoot all day. Are the remaining photos garbage, or are they at least the others taken with the decision meticulously?

-If you are going to buy a photo album, request to see the sample of the album he designed for a couple. So you can see what you will get.

Ask who will take the photo shoot and how many people will be. Some famous photographers can make a contract with you and send their assistants on the day of shooting thanks to the name they make.

Although it is possible to reproduce the examples, I do not want to go into too much detail since there is a photographer that will appeal to every income group. As the income level rises, people turn to photographer who takes more artistic and beautiful shots. In short, after the main items above, it will be the best decision to agree with the photographer whose point of view, style you like and get positive electricity.

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