Covid-19 coronavirus problem: postponing the wedding

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In fact, it all started in Wuhan, China in December, but at first, no one could predict that the Covid-19 virus would spread so quickly.

At the beginning of March coronavirus went into the borders of Turkey, spread so quickly and easily as a result of our country all over the world have begun to take some measures.

One of them, as we all know, is the imposition of restrictions on collective events for a period of time. Since the situation faced by all couples planning a wedding in the spring of 2020 is to postpone their wedding, we wanted to share this article.

As a professional team that has served in the wedding sector for years, we have prepared a list that will help you based on our past experiences.

Remember at first: This doesn't just happen to you. The whole world is currently dealing with the same virus, so "Why did it happen to me?" No need to worry. Instead, stay calm first, "How can we get around this situation with the least damage?" Thinking about it is the healthiest.

-No panic. In fact, we are witnessing history right now. Years from now, you already have a story to tell your children. "We tried to get married and a pandemic was declared all over the world." :)

-So when should we postpone the wedding? Let's tell if you think; now. While you want to wait a little longer and evaluate the course of the situation, all the other couples are already filling their late summer and autumn dates. Taking action without losing time will both make use of your time in these days when we stay at home, and it will be easier for you to find alternative dates that you think.

-First make a list of all the wedding professionals you have ever dealt with; wedding venue, organization company, photo and video team, hair make-up team, honeymoon plane and hotels. It is important to inform you that you are planning to postpone your wedding by contacting the companies from which you will receive service on the day of the wedding -wedding venue, photographer, make-up artist, etc.

You can start by determining alternative dates that suit you and your family and checking the availability of your wedding venue and the new date. Afterwards, reach out to all other companies with which you have contracted and check their eligibility for the alternative date you plan to postpone. Most companies will not charge an extra fee for the new date reservation by counting a situation such as an epidemic as a force majeure, but you can still review the contracts you have made and discuss how to follow them.

-Calculate any additional charges that may be incurred. Prices may vary as some dates are more popular than other dates. If you have previously made expenses, check how much you can use these expenses when you postpone the wedding. Although many companies provide convenience due to Covid-19, especially in hotel and flight reservations, it will be beneficial to make your new date decision and take action before it is too late.

- Notify your guests of your new wedding date. Even if you want to have your wedding on the first date, it would be appropriate to report that you have made this decision because the health of you and your loved ones is much more important. Especially if your destination is going to have a wedding or if your guests are coming from abroad / abroad, informing your guests without waiting too long will make it easier for them to plan.

Finally, be open-minded and don't let this bother you. Not only you, but all companies from which you will receive service are struggling with the same problem. Maybe your wedding, which will not be the Saturday night you want, but it may be free on Friday or Sunday and this should not upset you in any way. Remember; No one who loves you will worry about this to attend your wedding. What did they say; health comes first.

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