If your wedding venue has a contracted photographer

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After a while - about 30-35 seconds on the phone - with the couples who reach me by mail or phone, the conversation inevitably turns into this:

Me: Thinking of a documentary wedding shoot all day at your wedding?

X: No, Miss Derya, our wedding venue has a contracted photographer ...

I hear this sentence so many times you can't believe it. Or you would believe because if you are somehow on the eve of the wedding and you have chosen your wedding venue or are at the stage of choosing your wedding venue, this has already been stated in the meetings with the venues: We have a contracted photographer, you cannot bring a photographer from outside.

Short and clear. However, it seems unwise to force a service like photography, which is included in a vast art branch, has an infinite variety, and each appeals to a completely different taste, and it seems to me a very mafia style. "Even if you don't like it, these will take your photos. If you don't like it, go have a wedding elsewhere." Although his attitude is never accepted, when it comes to weddings, couples also give up after a while as they have to struggle with this and hundreds of similar things.

düğün mekanları

Abroad, the situation works completely differently. When the couple hold a place, they keep it completely naked and decorate the space according to their own taste, they can work with the food / catering company they want, and they can freely choose all the professionals they will receive service for their wedding days.

Things are a little more challenging, especially in Istanbul. While the location of the place is perfect, you cannot change these items despite the poor food and photography service. Either you inevitably agree within these services or you are looking for another place.

düğün mekanları

I remember, when I got married, our first criterion with my wife was that the place did not have a contracted photo and video team. As a matter of fact, we searched a lot, but we found it :)

The fact that these wedding venues make and present everything as a package is a very long subject and I am silent about what I will write here on behalf of thousands of couples and photographers who suffer from this :)

Our main topic will be to explain how you couples will work with the photographer they want on the wedding day. Let me give you good news; You can do:)

Actually, when we say a wedding day, it has almost similar stages:

Bride release ceremony

- Bride / groom preparations

-Exterior shooting

Wedding and first dance

-Wedding night

Of course, these above stages vary in the order and timing of each couple, but when we look at the general, you are in the wedding venue only in the last 2 stages. Therefore, you do not have to work with the photographer of the wedding venue until 7 or 8 in the evening, with your breakfast on the wedding day, with a magnificent or simple bridal reception ceremony, preparation at the hotel / hairdresser and afterwards, possibly until 7 or 8 in the evening, and especially like your wedding day If you want it to be documented with a documentary perspective, the stages I mentioned above during the main day are of great importance. What happened while preparing the bride and groom, conversations with families and friends, laughs, small details about your wedding day, and the reflection of your wedding excitement on your face are all recorded at these stages.

Therefore, when we consider your wedding day as a whole, assuming that you start the day at 9 am, you will be at the wedding venue only in the last 4 hours between 9 am and 12 pm. You are completely free to work with the photographer you want for the remaining 8-9 hours;)

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Another good news is that: Documentary wedding photographers and photographers with location contracts basically do completely different jobs and you actually need that service. Therefore, you can start the day with the photo / video team of your choice and continue by getting those services from the venue on the wedding night.

Couples often ask "Can we bring our own photographer?" The reason why they get no answer from the venues when they ask is because they think that we will provide the same services they will provide, which is actually not true.

The services provided by the photo / video teams with whom the wedding venue is contracted are basically as follows:

- From the moment the wedding ceremony begins, the bride and groom pose with the guests and take them with flash cameras in their hands. They provide a kind of instant photo service. At the end of the night, both the couple and the guests can get the prints of photos taken with each other for a fee.

Apart from that, the basic video service that is usually provided is as follows: A video element with a shoulder camera records the night without interruption and at the end of the night, it provides a couple of 1-3 hours video with all the guests playing on the track and all the guests sitting at the table.

Apart from these, of course, there may be other services such as Jimmy Jib, barcovision, photo booth.

These services, which I have listed above, are offered similarly in almost every wedding venue because as you know, they are not viewed with any artistic concerns, but documented for souvenir purposes. Therefore, it will not make a big difference for you to get these services from the venue and from a place that offers similar service from outside.

Let's say it is between 20 and 24 o'clock on the wedding night, while this team takes photos of you posed with the guests, and my team, with the same documentary point of view, is in pursuit of documenting the momentary and natural moments that develop between the bride and the groom at the wedding venue, between the guests. For example, this frame where my couple kisses during their wedding dinner is an invaluable shot for me (And make sure that no photographer of a wedding venue takes such a shot or even thinks of it. they will.)

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Therefore, if you clearly state that you want to bring your own photo and video team to your wedding venue, but they will also receive the "Wedding night services" I mentioned above from the team with whom they are contracted, I don't think there will be much trouble. As a result, you will have both their services and you will have the photos and videos of your own heart by the team you choose. If you also state that the documentary photo / video team you chose during the wedding will not hinder their work in any way, you will eliminate the doubts in their minds.

If the wedding venue does not have any contracted team, you are already in the lucky few and you can work with the team you want with peace of mind. In fact, many photographers, including us, have a team that provides instant photo and current camera services on the wedding night, you can request them in addition.

My last suggestion is; If the venue you choose does not allow shooting all night long, we usually document the whole process until you arrive at your wedding venue and leave the night shooting to the team inside the venue. "We have a documentary wedding photographer, he will take 3-5 frames from the wedding and the first dance to complete the wedding day story." If you say "No!" We did not come across someone who says, let's note that as a footnote.

We wish all couples to have a fun wedding.



istanbul düğün belgeseli fotoğrafçısı
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