Koşuyolu Radika Restaurant documentary wedding photos / Ezel & Ömer

We are actually neighbors with Ezel. Since we were both sitting in Koşuyolu, when he reached me, we met the next day for our coffee.

Ezel's wedding story, or rather the search for a wedding photographer, is very pleasant. Namely; After the decision to marry, selectivity in perception comes into play and he does not like any of the wedding photographs / photographers he sees because they do not want to be one of the couples looking at the camera and posing for hours. Of course, since he does not have a command of the term "documentary wedding photo", he searches for a wedding photographer with random word groups on the internet; such as natural wedding photos, wedding without posing, wedding photos taken without notice, etc. :)

This is Kismet, my website comes to them somewhere and our paths cross like this :)

Both Ezel and Ömer are academicians at a university. Although the two of them appear in different characters at first, you realize that they complete each other very well when you spend some time with them. When I am doing this job, I am most grateful to meet such unique people, to chat and to witness their pleasant moments together.

Ezel and Ömer made me experience one of the most enjoyable wedding stories of 2019 with their elegant and natural choices, extraordinary and intimate weddings like themselves. The preparations started at Ezel's home in Koşuyolu, and ended with a great fun at Radika Restaurant, which is famous for its delicious appetizers from the Aegean cuisine, where both them and our family go fondly.

I wish happiness to both of them here, and I leave you alone with documentary wedding photos.

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Koşuyolu Radika Restaurant düğün fotoğrafları
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