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düğün fotoğrafçıları

Friends, citizens, Romans!

And even when you are preparing for the wedding, my beautiful brother on the eve of the wedding works 5 days a week, 9 in the morning, 5 in the morning, who has very little time for wedding preparation when we take out the food and sleep and tries to do everything in this limited time; listen!

- How much are your prices?

(How many should I give to my brother?)

-How much?

(Hello to you too, I'm fine thanks, how are you?)

-How much are you attracted to?

(The more you say, the more I attract. Actually, I mostly suffer from this kind of dialogue.)

-How much is the cost of foreign shooting?

(Date? Place? City? Extract of what? Who are you? Who am I talking to?)

-My budget is 200 lira.

(For that money, we only weave your picture on the carpet, but you will send the picture.)

These are all the first communication sentences directed at me ...

(No - except one - I haven't given the answers below, but that's exactly what I'm going through.)

Yes I understand; you have a wedding and you are busy. Okay, you have very little time, yes, I know that too, your fiancé said take care of the photographer and you want to "get it done" as soon as possible. Yes, you are meeting with dozens of people other than us. I understand all of these but make sure a 1 second "Hello" changes a lot. And as a matter of fact, it is a necessity to greet on behalf of the civilized world we live in. So none of the above is an excuse.

Interestingly enough, such messages come from even white-collar workers who have undergone at least 11-15 years of basic education. Whereas, we all dictated the letters that started with the words "Dear ..." and then given to the mother, father and aunt. Of course, everyone has a budget reserved for photography and video services, but the first address is also important;)

It is a situation similar to that I had just recently. Come on, let's get used to the texts and this is the first time I've had it on the phone - and I think this is the phone call that made me write this article right now and put the final point:

Me: hello

X: Hello

Me: Here you go.

X: How much is the withdrawal?

Me: What shot?

X: Exterior shot.

Me: What external shot? (It has its engagement, it has Save the Date, it has a wedding, it has a special day, it has an anniversary.)

X: It's going to be our wedding, but we want an outside shot.

Me: If you give information, I will help accordingly. When, where and how much shot do you want for the wedding? (Are you sure what you want from me, you never stop there: P)

Then "We are full that day." I hung up saying. Yes, we were full of the dates he really wanted, but if this phone call had started otherwise, I could have made different suggestions to that person, or directed them to good wedding photographers I know.

Okay, you want to get direct information in a short way, but when you text a wedding photographer, write an e-mail or call on the phone, do not forget the fact that the person in front of you is a person just like you.

So when you call me on the phone, you enter into a dialogue with a "real" person who talks and thinks just like you, and the first word I hear after "Hello" is "How much is the attraction?" "Press one for the wedding, two for the birth." I say it is coming. Also, be sure, you may have made dozens of phone calls in a short time, but we are not talking to you alone. In fact, as a matter of my job, I am telling all the brides and grooms who reach me in detail how I provide the services I provide so that there is no question mark in your mind. In this case, we actually explain the same information to all couples over and over again. Also "How much is your price?" When you open with the question, you get the following perception: My only criterion is price. Its point of view, understanding of art, service delivery style and quality do not matter whether it suits us or not. Whether it is cheap, the rest is not important. Also, you (the photographer) are a tool that will enable us to achieve our goal (wedding photo). (The person who will press the button on the camera). How much is your price?

And frankly, most professionals become demoralized when faced with such an attitude, some refuse to work with you.

The wedding market is a sizable market today. All of these people, who offer a wide range of services from wedding venues to bridal gowns, from hand bouquet to bridal make-up, from wedding organization to photo shooting, are all professionals who will provide "special" service for you from the moment you contact. So go into the grocery store and say, "How much money is that funny?" you might say. Because you will buy a product there and this product is not something specially prepared for you. When you buy the product, you are done with the seller. (Though, you state what you want by saying it is very funny even in it. We don't understand anything when you say how much the attraction costs?)

But things change when you want to purchase a service. This person can be the wedding photographer, the bride hand bouquet or the person who will do your wedding dress or wedding hair and make-up; In order for these people to provide you with the right service, they must first know you, know your wishes, get information from you.

Düğün fotoğrafçısı sorunları
Düğün fotoğrafçısı sorunları
düğün fotoğrafçıları

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