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This is Derya from the team of 11 super fun, talented and like-minded photographers and videographers. As I am the proud founder of the team, below you'll see my personal story. 

This is Derya - the person behind the lens.

I am a full time wedding and portrait photographer.

I define myself as a wedding photojournalist, when it comes to capturing the day. My style of photography that blends the candid nature of photojournalism with traditional photography.

I focus on to capture the most natural and special moments of your special day and I do care about to bring the artistic look in every image. If missed, the moment is lost forever. It is my passion, responsibility and expertise to capture those moments for you to cherish and remember for years to come.

To tell you about myself a little more; I am a dreamer, a traveller and my favourite colour is turquoise. I always start the day with a cup of coffee, that's why i travel with my moka pot;)

I am also a "fine food" activist. I'm against any crooked industrial agriculture movement. I'm a supporter of Slow Food and TEMA.

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