Hello there

I am Derya, I was born in 1982 in Izmir. (Yes, I call the seed crocus.)


I love cats, but I am not idle to dogs either ..


My favorite color is yellow, but sometimes my heart goes to turquoise.


I tend to buy anything that has owls and skulls on it.


When I say summer and winter, I start the day with filter coffee and continue with Turkish Coffee. I am a serial coffee drinker.


I love all kinds of chocolate and cheese.


It can be said that I am a solid metal worker. When I am not listening to metal, I usually listen to jazz, ethnic music or rain sounds.


I am a Leo and I think everyone has more or less the characteristics of their zodiac signs.


I am amateur gourmet, professional traveler. I like to take photos that tell stories in places I go.


Of course, she shoots wedding stories the most and every time I would be sincerely grateful to our couples for including me on their special occasion. I consider myself very lucky because our paths cross with the couples we work with.


I am also a "good, clean, fair food" activist. I am against the skewed industrial food market. I am a local and organic production supporter, a TEMA volunteer and a member of Slow Food.


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