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Bodrum Hapimag Resort Wedding Photographer / Çisem and Fabio

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Well maybe you don't know about me much but I did quit my academic career to become a full time wedding photographer. It may not sound wise when I say so but for me, it was the best decision I've ever made.

Every time I witness and shoot a joyful wedding like this one I share here, I feel blessed.

And today I'm here to share Çisem and Fabio's wedding story. Çisem is Turkish and Fabio is Italian and they met in London and decided to have their wedding in Bodrum Turkey as a destination wedding. When you consider the 2 nation's, Turkish and Itailn entertainment styles, you can imagine how much fun it would be:)

We started the day with crazy pool party, continued a very intense and romantic ceremony, the couple shared their speeches with their families, friends and each others. It was heart melting.

And the wedding ended with a crazy dance party!

So below you will see the wedding story of Çisem and Fabio. Enjoy!

Çisem + Fabio - Bodrum Hapimag Resort wedding videography:

Bodrum Hapimag Resort beach wedding photography

Düğün davetiyesi

Bodrum wedding photographer

Bodrum wedding photography

Bodrum düğün hikayesi

Bodrum wedding couple

Bodrum wedding bride getting ready

Bodrum düğün hikayesi

bride groom getting ready

Bodrum Hapimag Resort Wedding photographer

Bodrum düğün hazırlık odası

Bodrum wedding groom getting ready

hazırlık detayları

Bodrum wedding  first look

first look couple

couple photoshoot bodrum

bride and groom photoshoot

wedding dress

bodrum düğünü çift pozları

çift pozları

couple photoshoot

bodrum wedding photographer

sunglasses photoshoot

bodrum hapimag resort wedding

bodrum setup photographer

wedding detail setup lemon

düğün masası

curly hair  bride

detail table

nikah fotoğrafı

bodrum düğün fotoğrafı

bodrum nikah seremonisi

nikah fotoğrafı

wedding photographer

black and white wedding photographer

bride and groom

bodrum nikah

bodrum wedding engagement

bodrum wedding ceremony


bodrum opening speech

bodrum wedding  party

party tonight

bodrum wedding with friends

curly hair bride

champagne explosion moment

cake time düğün pastası

parti fotoğrafı

bride and groom black and white

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