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Istanbul Bosphorus Palace Wedding Photography / Cemre & Cihad

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

In life there are some people when you meet them for the first time you feel like you know them already. My dear bride Cemre and precious groom Cihad was like that for me. Even from the first moment we met, we dived into a warm conversation and we planned the pre wedding photo shoot in Istanbul and afterwards we had the chance to shoot their wonderful wedding day.

They tied the knot on a rainy day in Istanbul but rain didn't stop them enjoying the whole day so eventually we got home with a bunch of photos of happy people, laughters and joy.

Bosphorus Palace is a great venue if you want to have a nice Bosphorus view. The choices of the couple and the venue was in a great harmony. So as a Istanbul wedding photography and videography team we enjoyed shooting them. And below you'll see their story, enjoy!

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