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Dear Derya,

We have had an excellent warmth, intimacy and friendship since the day we first met. It was as if we had known each other for years. While it was a very, very difficult situation for us to take photos, you did wonders by making this situation very easy and enjoyable. You gave us a great energy with your never-ending energy both in Save the date and wedding shots. When we look at each frame, we see a different story. Each photograph separately makes our faces smile.

After getting to know you, our perspective on photos has changed. You are describing a story rather than taking pictures in your works. Therefore, when we look at each frame, it is as if we relive every scene. In our opinion, photographing is one of the most painful activities, but also the most important, on a day when you are trying to be the most tense and perfect in your life. Everything flies away, but the most important element that reminds and shows the memories is the photographs. We thank you very much for making these moments live with laughter, not stress, and for leaving these beautiful memories to us.

We love you

İdil & Alican

Derya is a great opportunity for people like us who think that they will get bored in a photo shoot! In addition to his sincere attitude, he is a very professional person and he reflects the positive energy of doing his job in a very good way.

"How are we going to pose now?" While we were brooding, we suddenly found ourselves laughing. Moreover, we even forgot there was a camera in the environment!

On the wedding day, the best thing for us was knowing that those very special moments were not lost in time. On that day, seeing Derya and his magnificent team every moment we turned our eyes, made us feel once again how right we were making the decision.

Now the wedding association is finished. Now we have hundreds of wonderful photographs that bring us the fun, excitement, dance and happiness of that day again with all their naturalness! As we look at the photos, we wonder what kind of excuse we should shoot again :)

Sea! Thank you very much for all your efforts.

Good thing we met, good that you pulled us!

Asli & Murat

On the wedding day, you spend months and months of money and effort to keep everything going perfectly; one of your most special days in life. It can also be a lot of stress factors that it brings with it. Even during that day, you may have to deal with many organizational details and make critical last minute decisions. If you don't have B plans, you may need to find a plan B right there. In this respect, it was a complete privilege to work with Derya and her team. Derya is a complete crisis solver with the experience she gained from countless weddings she attended. In situations where we couldn't get out of it, he guided us with his experience and provided great support. Sea; an incredibly high energy person who radiates happiness. It is an incredible treasure to have such a person with you during your wedding day. For us, Derya was much more than a wedding photographer. Personally, I have been powered by his energy all day and it has been a great relief to overcome minor glitches with his ideas. With his creativity, he provided us with beautiful photos and videos.

Dear Derya; We love you :) The way you work, your energy, flexibility, leadership, experience, you are completely different. We recommend you with peace of mind in all circumstances.

Zümrüt & Özkan - Balıkesir

We found Derya while doing research on the internet and her portfolio was very attractive to us, so we decided to work with her. When we took the photos, our only thought was that they were all very AWESOME. We had a lot of fun during the photo shoot, Derya is a very creative photographer who transmits her natural talent to photography to make her customers happy. It was a great experience for us and our beautiful shots came out from a fantastic photographer.

Anna & Alex - Greece

The millions of decisions we had to make, the shortest and fastest job we had to handle among hundreds of jobs that needed to be done, were photographs and albums. Because we didn't want to be contracted, we wanted something to make our photographs smile for every viewer instead of being the classic bride and groom, and I knew who we wanted to work with.

I encountered Derya in a classic way while searching for a photographer on the internet, but it was her dreadlocks that really drew me to her. Her clothes, her smile, oh those concert photos .. "Hah" I said, "This is it!" You know, you look and your energy holds. Then we texted and said let's meet and ourselves in our favorite thing; we found it for breakfast. Derya shared his advice about the location and shooting with us. He asked about our dreams. We just said "we don't want to be contracted". We wanted that if the night we had the most fun was going to be our wedding night, who else would we entrust ourselves to? Baby Deniz had just arrived and we took her mother from her and brought Derya to the wedding place in the middle of the sea with a wonderful irony. It was incredible. Our memories are now immortal with hundreds of planned / unplanned natural photographs.

Believe me, if we kept looking at ourselves with admiration when he sent us the first few photos days later, it is always Derya's fault!

And the crew: Hande! You are the legendary assistant who made me laugh and wrinkle me like crazy.

As days passed, when that known package came to us, we were speechless. Okay, we chose the album, we also saw the photos, but here ... You can't understand! :)

Derya is the person I owe a lot of thanks to my wife and myself. Good for your endless smile and endless energy for making us look like "we", making each photo feel like there is a story behind each photo whenever you look at it! Good thing you were!

See you at birth! ;)

Serap & Serhat - Istanbul

Do you know what is 100% trust in a person? I know because when I was working with Derya and her team, I didn't think for a moment how she did it! I trusted him. Because Derya was the mirror in my head. Once again, I realized that I was not mistaken, when we received the photographs. One of the main reasons behind this success is his professional experience and the other is his good communication. While Derya is doing his job; it asks, suggests, does not insist and is open to innovations. If you are working with someone who knows their job well, you can enjoy and successfully handle even the most inexperienced job. Do not forget this. For myself; I had a great experience with lots of fun, lots of laughter, zero stress, in short. I don't like to talk in plurals so these are my thoughts, but when I talk to my wife, she always says 'it was very good' and puts a big smile on her face. The beautiful woman who made us happy and smiling, thank you and your team.

Gokce & Melih - Istanbul

Derya, first of all, thank you for wandering with us all the streets of Paris tirelessly and patiently. Our strong communication and energetic were the most influential of us. As a result, you gave us a great time and left wonderful memories. See you at the next shoot!

Elif & Oğuzcan - Paris

As a couple, we are not people who are very capable of taking photos. For this reason, the team that took our photos had to be very good, we met Derya as a result of long searches, the photos she took were just like our dreams, I never thought that I would have so much fun in the shoot. We really had a very comfortable shooting and we were very pleased with the result, thank you very much to my team and Derya lady. 10. We will have another shooting in our year, we have already made our reservation.

Janset & İldeniz - Istanbul

I, who never made peace with the camera, would like to thank Derya, who relaxed me in our first phone call and made me experience an even more magnificent day than I expected. Our photos are so fabulous that the more I look at them, the more I look at them (new bride's disease :)) By the way, we have such natural and sincere photographs just as I wanted, that is not possible without Derya, I would not be able to pose them, I would be looking at the mountains and the stones. Thank you very much for everything :) Yours.

Gokce & Mustafa - Ankara

It was very enjoyable to work with Derya and her team. We had experience shooting with three different photographers before, but while working with Derya and her team, we seemed to have met for a long time, we were able to feel very comfortable, so natural photos came out. We are very happy that we especially prefer documentary photography. On the same day, we did both outdoor shooting and we had magnificent shots containing all the details of our wedding day :)

Tulin & Mustafa - Luleburgaz

We even thought about whether we should have a wedding again just so that Derya and her team take our photos :) Every moment was very enjoyable. We are tired, they are not tired. We shot Save the date and wedding story (Photo + Video) together. It turned out to be more beautiful than we can imagine. We also recommend it to anyone who will get married and give birth :)

Selay & Batu Yağtu

One of the most important decisions to be made during the marriage preparation process is to choose your photographer ... The only thing that will remain for you when you look back is your photos that immortalize your memory, not counting your memories in your memory. So no matter how beautiful everything is, you need a photographer and team to make them unforgettable. Our fastest and most sure decision in our preparation process was to choose Derya Engin Photograpy. We heard such good comments about him and liked his frames so much that we didn't even hesitate. Now, and I hope 30-40 years from now, Derya is a decision that we can say "that is good" when we look at the same photos. Your sincerity, energy, sincerity and patience for my questions have never diminished since the first day we met. It made us very happy to see our love and love through your talented and beautiful lens. They are now decorating the most beautiful corners of our house. Hope to come together again-new-again in different places, in different concepts!

Silk & Ashkan

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